VigiLearn Micro-Learning Experience Platform (m.LXP)

VigiLearn Micro-Learning Experience Platform (m.LXP)

Embraces and empowers on-demand / JIT-, micro- & social- personalized learning, anytime, anywhere, any device – supporting busy and mobile working professionals in their life-long continuous learning journey

Modern LXP

Modern learning experience platform that is built for user experience that embraces personalized and adaptive anytime, anywhere, any device

Micro- & Social Learning

Innovative mobile micro-learning via cross-platform messaging, with support for social-learning

Powered by AI

AI-Driven Intelligent Learning Behaviour Management System -> Personalised & Adaptive learning

AI Proctoring

AI Proctoring for Online / Blended Assessment & Exam, with seamless authentication with face recognition, for automated detection of suspicious activities to curb fraudulence & cheating

Digital Accreditation & Certification

Blockchain digital accreditation & certification - Brand & quality assurance

Content Digitisation & Transformation

Immersive training format and content from interactivity design, real-world simulations to gaamifications that helps learners assimilate the information more effectively and improves knowledge retention

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