Botjour Intelligent Messaging Platform (SoE + SoI)

Botjour Intelligent Messaging (SoE & SoI)

One unified, intuitive, personalised and intelligent messaging-based service via natural and native language, across all needs & services

Cross-Platform Messaging

Bridging the chasm and empowering intelligent engagements and workflows seamlessly across C2C, B2C, G2C, B2B, G2G

Social Engagements

Connecting people & services across borders and languages, and empowering new possibilties in social engagements

Powered by AI

From Natural Language Processing (NLP), to Facial & Image Recognition (OCR, QR Code, Signboard), and Adaptive learning

Users Integration to IoT & Smart Devices

From users' alerts / notifications, to talking to smart IoT devices to serve up new capabilties and functionalities

Users Interactions in Industry 4.0

Enablers the human users to play their key role of decison making in the era of automation and data exchange in the manufacturing technologies and processes

Gaming & Gamifications

Innovative messaging-based and location-based service gaming engine that opens up new gaming possibilities and experience across borders and languages

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