e-Engage 360

Lighthouse e-Engage 360

Extending customer services, engagements and meetings beyond physical meetings with the latest technologies in communications, customer services and engagements to enable as seamless, effective and efficient customer engagements and services in the digital concierge & meeting lounge environment

Digital Meeting Spaces with Concierge Services  – Providing Customer Engagements, Meeting Spaces, 2-way Communications, Reminders & Notifications, FAQs, & Recommendations that seamlessly connect businesses with their customers across borders, locations & languages

Features and Capabilties

Powered by Microsoft Office 365 and Teams – industry leader in unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration

Business as usual meetings via live video-conferencing between the business teams (sales, marketing, relationship managers, advisors, agents, support staffs, etc) with their customers, to provide intimate customers’ engagements, services and support. There is also the simple option to enable live streaming and recording, for the customers to share with their colleagues / peers who missed the meeting

Complements by Lighthouse’s innovative and intelligent cross-platform messaging and chatbots to provide the connections to the last miles – including 2 ways communications, engagements, workflows, updates, reminders, notifications – between the businesses and their customers, any-time, any-where, any device, across language, walls and borders, any-time, any-where, any device, across languages, walls and borders.

Auto reminders sent to the relevant customers (who is quarantined in China, over WeChat in Chinese) to remind them to upgrade their insurance policy within the next 7 days to be eligible for the extra coverage for COVID-19, followed by the live-engagement with the agent and the product specialist over a conference call, and the support provided by the digital concierge services for FAQs, queries and assistance, through to the submission of the relevant messaging-based “forms” and health documentations required for the application

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In support to help Singapore companies and learning institutions / schools that are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak to continue to run & operate “BaU” during the period of pandemic, we are doing our part to provide a 14 days free trial of the solution plus a 50% waiver of the standard AOE (Activation, Onboarding & Enablement) fee.